China Tonight

China Tonight

China Tonight

Stan Grant and Yvonne Yong take a fresh look at news from inside China. We go beyond the headlines of trade wars and global posturing to bring you stories of China's rise in the world, and the changes and challenges at home.

China Tonight - China and the World

We look back at some of the major developments in the world affecting China - it's relationship with Australia, the AUKUS pact, Afghanistan and the growing tension with Taiwan, as Stan Grant interviews key players.

China Tonight - Activism In China

In this special edition of China Tonight, we look at how activism works in China - in the LGBTIQ community, among feminists, and how journalism works on the mainland. Plus Stan Grant interviews artist Ai Wei Wei.

China Tonight - Culture In China

The rich and ancient culture of China - in modern times - from food and television to stand up comedy and rock music, our reporters bring you a taste of China. Plus Stan Grant interviews Chinese American author Yiyun Li.

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