The Heart Guy

The Heart Guy

The Heart Guy

When Whyhope Hospital is forced to relocate to a Veterinary Clinic due to an asbestos issue, and Meryl is arrested and charged with fraud, it seems like everything is about to change for Hugh and the Knight family.

The Heart Guy - Feelings, Corruption and Taking a Stand

Ajax turns to gambling as a distraction from his marital problems but it's not all bad news: the Clinic secures their funding, despite a sabotage attempt by Penny, who knows that if they're successful, Hugh's likely to leave.

The Heart Guy - Promises, Promises

Hugh's free to leave Whyhope, so Sharna takes him to Sydney to show him the city life he thought was lost. Matt tags along to pitch his beer and gets an offer, and Charlie takes up Sharna's offer to become the new temp mayor.

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